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Christmas time can be a time of great blessing for many; rejoicing, family gatherings, gifts, good meals, but for many others this is not the case. It can be a time where loneliness, poverty and needs is greatly felt. Christians believe that God the father has given us the greatest gift of all, His son Jesus Christ, who was born to offer the greatest sacrifice of all, His own life as a ransom for many.

While some Christians believe in celebrating Christmas and others don't, what we believe at Barrhaven Harvest Church is that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus year round. Jesus reached out to the poor, the sick, the oppressed, the outcast, the sinner. He reached out to them when nobody else did. As the body of Christ, we too are called to reach out to those in need throughout the year and including this coming Christmas.

While there are many worthy causes and organizations to support, the members of Barrhaven Harvest Church had the following two causes especially at heart this Christmas season


The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center, located in Ottawa, is one of Canada’s foremost mental health care, teaching and research hospitals. It serves people age 16 and older living with complex and persistent mental illness.

Due to the effects of COVID, the Royal Ottawa Metal Health Center and their patients are suffering even more this year, this results in capacity issues for the Royal Ottawa and increased Mental Health challenges as well as isolation / loneliness for the in-patients who cannot leave the Royal for the holidays.


Our church members with friends from the community have put together 45 gift bags for patients that will not be able to leave the Royal this Christmas season. We also included a card, a gospel of John and a John 3:16 track for the in-patients, a box of specialty cookies with a new testament with psalms and cards for the medical personnel.

We are also going to provide the in-patients with a pizza supper for Chrsitmas. We thank God for this great provision grateful to all those who participated including MYSmile Dental in Kanata and many individuals who contributed :)

There gifts will be distributed in the coming days. Please join us as we pray that the inpatients and staff will know the hope and love of Jesus this Christmas.

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Another calling of the church is to support local and international missionaries. This year we hope to support local missionaries, the Courteau's. The Courtea's are a well known Christian family in Barrhaven. They are known for their Christ like character, their selfless nature, their involvement in the church, the community, families, as well as individual lives. This family lives by faith, daily laying down their lives for the kingdom of God. They serve others by providing help and support to families such as counselling, helping children with different learning abilities, pastoral care, and discipleship. They also take care of the needs of others who are living difficult situations by providing for their physical and spiritual needs. Additionally, they support churches in the region and elsewhere in Ontario through their various gifts.

This year we hope to help them directly as missionaries as well as support their ministry to help local families in need.

If you would like to contribute towards supporting the Courteau's and Inspire Ministries, you can send a designated gift at

     * Please note that these gifts are not considered charitable gifts and that we cannot issue charitable gift receipts